My Thought’s On Listening To Music While Working.


Have I ever tried listening to the same song on repeat to get myself into the zone? 

Yes, I have tried listening to get myself in the zone. I’m actually doing it now. It’s great for focus and dedication. Music affects people in different ways, personally for me it helps. I notice I get things done a lot quicker also, just like Justin Clarke said it did for him as well in his blog “Using Music as Meditation For Clarity and Focus.


How did it make me feel?

Honestly, it made me feel like i’m going to accomplish something a lot faster without second guessing myself. I believe music takes you to a deeper level in what you’re doing no matter how hard or difficult it may be. There is different genre’s of music that can carry your work style. For me I like soft music such as alternative gospel, and contemporary music. Other people may not like it but that’s okay it’s not about me, it should be about what genre of music fits you and helps you stay focused. Music is another way to help you come out of yourself.



Would you be willing to try something like this?

Since I already listen to music while I work, I would recommend it for other people who don’t. Music is another way to help you come out of yourself. It will help you do and accomplish  things you never thought you’d ever be able to do. Although, some people may find it distracting because you hear people “talking”. You can always just listen to instrumental’s which also helps as well.

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